A web agency at your service

Attentive to the various needs on the web, the digital communication and marketing agency specialises in graphic design, ergonomic site design, mobile applications and netlinking. It manages webmarketing campaigns of all sizes and carries out an SEO audit with a view to on-site SEO.

Web design

Customised websites

As an expert in website creation, the web agency designs websites tailored to the activity in question. Its services generally include the technical design of the site, the implementation of tags, the site’s tree structure and the graphic design.

Showcase sites

Creation of a customised site to serve as a showcase page on the web and generate significant traffic.

E-commerce sites

Get into e-commerce with a custom e-shop that simplifies the sale of products/services.

Portfolio websites

Designing a portfolio website to share some examples of your work and showcase your talent.

Landing pages

Redirecting Internet users to optimised pages that respond precisely to their request quickly.

Referencing, an essential step

Optimising referencing remains an essential step in developing your online activities. Web referencing reinforces the visibility of your visual communication through graphic and technical elements and original content, optimised for search engines.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing to engage more traffic and more customers in the long term.

SEA Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Advertising or paid referencing based on boosted advertising.


Search Engine Optimisation to get a good positioning on Google without spending more.

Web agency

A great deal of know-how

The web design agency has a unique know-how in the design of commercial websites, showcase websites, online shops and blogs. In a medical context, it specialises in the creation of medical websites, websites for medical practices, websites for pharmacists and websites for laboratories. The agency is an expert in digital strategy and implements an elaborate communication plan in the paramedical sector.

Techniques of web consultants

Web consultants use different optimisation techniques focusing on web analytics, SEO and influencer marketing. They improve web interfaces through web technologies.

E-reputation consultant

Web analytics consultant

Technical SEO consultant

Web marketing, the essentials!

Web marketing must be worked on carefully in order to improve your visual identity and then achieve better ROIs (Return on Investment). You need to find the right balance between web and mobile development.

Social messaging apps

Increased communication on social networks.

Videos for more visibility

Test video marketing on different attraction tunnels.

Voice search on mobile phones

Optimising your site to the criteria of voice referencing.


It is a direct marketing technique to a group of people using email.


Putting your logo or brand on posters, shirts, caps, etc.

New technologies, again and again!

With the advent of digital, web marketing is constantly adopting new resolutions, more scalable and more immersive technologies for information and data sharing on a large scale. Chatbot, voice assistance, intelligent downloads, CMS and CRM software, the user experience is constantly evolving to better meet the needs and expectations of Internet users. Multi-channel communication is always essential for diversifying lead generation, like the case of passion-creatrice.com.